PRINCE ALI ( Player from Palencia Baloncesto ) Season 21/22


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Translation by Lucía Tejido

During the preseason we´ve already seen what you are able to offer us with your game ¿how would you define yourself as a player?

To add to this, I think it´s important to give the coaches some credit, you know, they´ve put me on situations that put me playing on my strenghts. When i am playing on my strenghts it looks easy, but honestly there is a lot I still need to learn and i am looking forward to play on the season now and just learn more about the european and spanish game.

Usually it´s hard for american players to get used to the european game- style, but this is not your case, ¿do you feel that the style is very different?

Yes, I don´t think the style is so different, obviously there are things that are different but I don´t think is that different overall.

You are a rookie in the Spanish League, ¿what is the level you have found? ¿is it as you were expecting it to be?

I really didn´t had too much expectations comming here and I was aware it was very good leage, very good playeres have come out of this league, I knew that, I mean, if i work hard and i really try to understand, things will be fun.

All players always know their strengths or attributes as they know where they need to improve at ¿ what would you like to make an improvement at?

Yes yes, definitely, the thing for me, it´s just important to just keep playing and really understand the european game, i´ve had early succes, yeah, but i think i´ll have a lot more to learn and i think it´s important that i stay aware of that and just keep learnign and improve my skills obviously, but most importantly just trying to figure out the eauropean game.

Speaking in a sports context, ¿what would your dream be?

In sports context, My dream it´s to probably be the best I could be, and I know it sounds cliché but just being the best player you can be just really tapping into your full potential, that would be my dream.

How are the first weeks around the city being for you, with your mates, costums (such as the nap), the food?

The first weeks in Palencia have been fun, I like where I live, I like the city, the weather has been nice, so I´ve been able to walk around and the first two weeks have been nice, I really enjoy the city and I am happy to be here.

What do you usually do during your free time?

My hobbies beside basketball are Reading and writting, I write a lot of poetry and i am a big fan of poetry, if you see my instagram page it is pretty much poetry, so that is my biggest hobbie away from basketball.

Do you have any mania or kind of routine on the game day?

I don´t really have like a routin for game day but one thing I like to do it´s just remain calm, i like to sit around, think of the game and think of what i wanna accomplish for the game and just sit down and relax, be as calm as I can be.

Although you´r young, you must have seen or lived some sort of weird situation you ended up laughing at, haven´t you?

Hmmmm a weird situation, when i was back at the university, in UCLA, we went out to china and we had gotten in some trouble and at the time it seemed bad but now looking back at it, it was actually pretty funny.

The fans always have a great memory lived with a player, ¿which one has been yours?

One of my favourite memories as a fan it´s probably watching Kobe Bryant score 60 in is very last NBA game and then his last point was the same as his first point on NBA, which i thought it was great; i was a softmore in college, on my second year, me and some team mates were just watching it, I lived in LA so you could hear people all over the campus screaming out of the Windows on his very last game; great experience. 

From Masquebasketpal we thank Prince for the time he has dedicated to us to carry out this interview, Sara Sánchez (Head of Press for Easy Charger Palencia) for the facilities that he has given us to carry out this interview and Lucía Tejido for her translation work.

Thank you very much to everyone for reading these interviews or listening to these audios. All the best!



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